Clarity Client Journey

At Clarity Home Interiors, we will provide a harmonious experience that leverages unrivaled expertise with Clarity, after which our company is named.  Our mission is to deliver our clients excellent design and client experience.  The relationship and the communication between the client and the designer is a key cornerstone to the success of the project from the beginning to the completion.  At Clarity we call this process the Client Journey. 


We believe open communication between a designer and client is important, so we want to demystify the Client Journey process and provide you with our step by step timeline on what to expect when you choose a partnership with Clarity. 



This is the initial conversation about you; Who you are, what you are looking for, and why Clarity is the best fit to meet those needs. During this conversation, Clarity will gauge the precise needs of the client and brainstorm a plan on how best to execute. The Client Journey officially begins when an agreement is reached, and a contract is drawn up. Clarity provides full transparency on schedule and payment structure, and will update you along the way if there are any questions regarding the agreement. Once the agreement is signed and the retainer is received, we move to the next step of becoming a Clarity client. 



Clarity then takes those needs discussed during the agreement portion and implements them into a specified design for the client. The team takes the nitty gritty details discussed previously and transforms them into an overarching concept.  Floorplans, mood boards and all design selections are completed and approved to move to the next step of our process. 



Clarity presents the financial document, the proposal, for review where we evaluate item pricing, shipping and installation for all final selections. There may be a few adjustments at this time to reach the final approval process.  Once the client approves the proposal and makes the deposit toward, Clarity proceeds to the procurement process. 


Procurement, Production & Transportation

 When the production process begins, Clarity takes responsibility for purchasing and procuring materials, and ensuring that the manufacturing of these design materials is accurate and on track. This is when our valued relationships with top tier manufacturers comes into play, and we gather the necessary resources to set the installation process into motion. We communicate status with our clients and keep them aware of the timeline for their installation. 



When all furnishings and goods are received from the custom workrooms and manufacturers, the true fun begins. This portion of the Client Journey sees our plans come to life as we orchestrate the install with white glove service. The Clarity team is onsite to problem solve and ensure that the installation is a success. 



At Clarity, we are invested in the client experience and will see you through the completion of each project. We strive to ensure that you love your new space and have no additional requests before we leave you to enjoy your dream home. 


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