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Maple Hill Farm 

The vision for this home drew inspiration from European style while keeping in line with the lush farmhouses of old. The idea was to design an updated property that paid homage to its historical roots. The natural beauty surrounding Maple Hill Farm was too exquisite not to incorporate, so a palette of wood, metal, and stone was incorporated throughout the interiors. Intricate stonework, like the chevron-patterned foyer floor, was custom designed by Clarity to achieve the contemporary country manor feel that the client sought. Practicality was also used to ensure that the family residence was equipped to handle all members. Industrial components, such as a grand steel table in the formal dining room, harmonize with cleanable faux leather upholstered chairs to make for a comfortable yet sophisticated estate. 


CTC&G IDA Bathroom 2017,  2019 Winner of A-list Award for Kitchen Design

Location: Redding, Connecticut

Architect: Beinfeld Architects

Builder: Christopher Phillips

Photographer: Chi Chi Ubinia and Neil Landino

Featured: CTC&G Editorial 2016, cover and editorial. NY Post

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