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Rowayton Summer House

Clarity was employed with the architect and builder to create a Rowayton summer home for this client who also owned the historic property next door. The client wanted a summer home where he could entertain comfortably during the warmer months. To keep this property cohesive with its historic neighbor, Clarity replicated the calming palate of a resort in St. Barts and drew inspiration from the interiors of Christian Liagire. Natural light and neutral tones were designed to maintain the laidback, laissez-faire vibe. The ceiling beams in the living room are painted in a high-gloss black paint that matches the front door, offsetting the simple white furnishings. Pops of bright color are scattered throughout, exemplified via vibrant red shelving off the living room and the green animal-printed headboard in the guest room. These colorful hints enhance the home’s playful spirit. 

Location: Rowayton, Connecticut

Architect: Beinfield Architecture

Builder: Christopher Phillips

Photographer: Chi Chi Ubinia 

Featured: Athome Magazine, Moffley Media 2020 Athome Spring Issue

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